Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 49 of 124. Legs.

The body weight is still continuing to slowly fall, at not quite one pound per week. I'm now at 223.7 lbs.

Anyway, being it Wednesday, we did legs.

Started with leg press cycled with step-ups. This was my first time doing these.

    How to do a barbell step-up
  1. Stand in front of a bench, height set such that if you put one foot up on it, your knee is almost at a right angle
  2. Balance a barbell across your shoulders
  3. Put the right foot on the bench
  4. Pull (don't push) up the left foot, and put it down next to the right
  5. You are now standing up on the bench
  6. Put the left foot back down on the floor, slowly, under control
  7. put the right foot back down on the floor
  8. Do this 15 times
  9. Then change to the other foot
  10. Don't fall over

Between these stepups and the heavy load on the leg press, very quickly my heart was pounding, I was sucking air as fast as I could, and was dripping with sweat. Then ball leg curls cycled with machine leg curls, then machine leg extensions cycled with unloaded lunges, then standing calve raises, then hip abductors cycled with hip aductors. The aductor hits my buns hard, to the point where by the last rep of the last set, it kind of hurts to actually be sitting in the machine. Finished off with seated calve lifts. Which went a little odd, I got the full 30 on the first and last set, but only 12 in the middle. Maybe I had my feet wrong or something.

I really need to put back together the motivation to do pre-breakfast time on the elliptical crosstrainer, and a full set of Plank and crunches every morning...

But 270 lb of plates on the sled of the leg press machine didn't feel as heavy as it was only 7 days ago, so I am still getting stronger, even after four months of this, which makes me happy.

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