Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

New Glasses

I just bought a new pair of glasses.

Fancy new memory titanium half rim frames, the very latest high RI lenses, anti-glare, and they darken in sunlight.

I would have paid almost 700 at the optican's shop.

I paid less than 200 for them. From

When they arrive, I will send my old frames in to them get new lenses as well, plus I'm probably going to get a pair of burning man googles, and get rx lenses put in them.

And I'm thinking about getting some brass steampunk googles, and getting rx lenses put in them...

You can get new glasses for Eight Dollars! I remember my parents having to take a deep breath to buy my glasses when I was a kid.

Yay for imports, cheap manufactured goods, and deflationary pressure!

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