Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Randoms of the Day

Went to the eye dr today. My correction is completely unchanged. That's the first time that's ever happened in my entire 31 year history of getting my eyes checked. No changes to ocular pressure, to loss of lens transparency, no blood vessel loss, no blind spots. No need for new glasses, tho I may buy a pair online.

My one known drug reaction is I can't tolerate lidocaine eyedrops. I have a blood pressure crash and faint if they are used. So dialating my eyes is an interesting and high intensity experience. I have to grip the arms of the chair, breathe deeply, and remind myself I've done more painful things just for the fun of it.

I discovered and am grateful now for the accessability features of the Mac. I have the Zoom function three steps in so I can read this text.

The floor of my room was sanded today. Will be sanded again tomorrow. The marks of my cats will never go away, but the marks from rusty nails and staples in the floor are more apparent, and those were not my fault.

Also part of the ongoing work-on-the-house, the bathtub was delivered today. It's going to be "fun" to get it up the stairs and installed, but, when it's done, there will be a clawfoot tub next to my bedroom, that I will actually fit into.

This week, I've been working on the varchar patch to the mysql memory storage engine. It's been mostly frustrating, sometimes interesting. With the patch on the custom tree I'm testing it on, trying to replicate an in-memory temp table causes the server to crash. Oops. I'm not sure yet whether this also happens in stock 5.0 tree the patch was written for, or if it's a problem for the user of this custom tree.

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