Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Meeting my friends at the Diesel

Back when I did it only once a year, flying from Seattle to Boston felt like a long trip. Now, not so much.

Yesterday evening, after landing at BOS, and then checking in at the Weston Waterfront, I took the T up to Davis Square to The Diesel.

This was my first time on the Silver Line. It's not a train. It's a *bus*. Legally it's MBTA train, I think mainly because it's different Federal money they can get, and to fullfil various intra-city commitments to restore T service to various neighborhoods that used to have it. But still, it's a bus.

The Diesel is what it always is. I ordered my chai and my veggie wraps from the tattooed young dyke, and then saw my friends waving to me from the back.

It was really nice to see them again, and then hang out and chat. There was Judy judyg who luckily had the evening free from her work as a pediatrics and childbirth nurse, Dr Tom docorion, who took the evening off from studying to finish his MPH, and Sheeri awief, who took the evening off from working at Pythian and working on her book. We were joined by mangosteen, who runs the network at Tufts and who I remember meeting at LISA99.

Good food, comfy couch, fun venue. And wonderful people, all so different, all so interesting.

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