Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Growl, Skype, and Adium

Both Skype and Adium use Growl to announce connections by people on my contact list. The notification bubbles look exactly the same.

When you click on an Adium Growl announcement, the focus flips to an IM window with that user, so I can type at them immediately. But when you click on a Skype Growl annoucement, it just flips over to Skype, and the focus is on whoever I Skype chatted with most recently, not the person announced by the Growl bubble.

This is very confusing.

The most common oops case is when I see my MySQL PS scheduler come online when I have a message for her. A couple of times, I've seen the Growl bubble, and just instantly clicked it, typed my message, and hit return, and sent a confusing message to someone else. Fortunately, there have been no major mavs or client NDA breaches. But I do wish that Skype would fix that.

I also wish that both Adium and Skype would let me selectively enable Growl notifications on a group or individual basis. I like the Growl updates, but I don't need them for everyone on my contact list.
Tags: geek

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