Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Open SQL Camp experiences

Open SQL Camp was a success.

It was hosted by Baron "Xaprb" Schwartz, who I learned is one of the few people I don't have to look down to look in the eye.

There were maybe 100 people over the whole the weekend, including the upper echalon of MySQL and other open source database hackers, as well as technical people from Infobright and Tokutek and PBXT.

There were people who quite literally flew in from the other side of the planet and from Europe.

It was good to see Monty Widenius, and to introduce him to the pleasure that is well made matcha.

Vadim Tkachenko's and Peter Zaitsev's presentation on the Percona patches was interesting and eye opening. The following random roundtable discussion between them, Brian Aker of Drizzle, and Arjen Lentz about the open source future of InnoDB was productive, in that it let to Percona moving their patch set development to Launchpad here:

At that meeting, Oracle/Innobase were very notable in their absence.

I got to meet Richard Hipp, the author of SQLite, and then to introduce him to Jim Starkey. Richard's presentation on how much you can and can't trust the operating system, and how to make a database durable in the face of the real world was very illuminating, and more than a little bit scary. I wonder if InnoDB and MyISAM (and PBXT and Maria and Falcon) test as rigiously against the edge conditions of write failure as SQLite does.

Saturday night I was asked to make a custom tree of Drizzle for PBXT, for the blob streaming protocol work, and so I did. The drizzle-blobcontainer patch is now up on my Launchpad account.

Sunday was a hackathon, which I spent plumbing up the Drizzle pluggable error handlers. Almost done, tho hard to debug, since when it doesn't work, Drizzle doesnt output any error messages! :) When it's done, another one or two locks will be removed from the main execution path, plus a whole pile of spagghetti and hardened lava, and Drizzle will be even faster!

Monday morning I caught the train up to New York Penn Station, riding along with Sheeri Cabral of Pythian and Ronald Bradford of 42SQL. Taking the train was cheaper and faster than driving or flying from Charlottesville to NYC.
Tags: drizzle, mysql

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