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Mark Atwood
Sun's Restructuring, personal impact, still employeed
Sun announced a significant layoff and restructuring yesterday, shedding between 5K and 6K staff, out of 30K. 20% is significant.

Lots of people, including friends and family, have asked what effect it has had on me.

Not much. What I have been doing at Sun is unaffected, and what I plan on doing at Sun is unaffected. The database groups (e.g. MySQL) aren't getting reduced beyond normal post-aquisition attrition, and in fact, the database groups are still hiring. Not hiring as easily, since instead of our older system where a PM decides he needs someone, gets permission, looks at some candidates, and then just hires someone anywhere in the world and puts them to work, here at Sun we have to work thru a byzantine and slow "hiring process" that much more painful and not nearly as smoothly international. But, we are still hiring.

If you want to be a developer on MySQL, or provide support, or do remote DBA work, or even do my job, and travel around the world being a MySQL expert, do apply. (And let me know if you do, so I can get the hiring bonus.)

My sympathies to my newly former Sun coworkers. For most of them, that's got to suck. But they are smart people, and there is always interesting work to be done, it's just a matter of finding it and monetizing it. As I tell everyone, one of the best things to have ever have happened to my career and my life was getting laid off from Digeo.


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