Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

At OpenSQLCamp, Day Zero

I'm at OpenSQLCamp this weekend.

Just like every traveller eventually has to do ORD at a dead run (BTDT), every traveller has to deal with DC commuter exodus traffic. And that's what I did last night. I got out of the gig at the Intelset Building Complex in DC at 5, and started the drive to Charlottesville VA. Google Maps said it would take 1.5 hours. The Nuvi in my rental car started out saying 2 hours. But it kept adding more time, and in the end, it took 3, plus 20 minutes of trying to find a place to park. The traffic avoidance in the Nuvi kept me off the freeway, and put me on the Lee Highway, so that was nearly 80 miles of hitting a stoplight every few miles.

Let's say I really needed the glasses of wine I enjoyed when I arrived.

The who's who crew of MySQL is here. Sheeri met me at the door. After hobnobbing at a reception, about half of us went out to a pub, and the other half to a Indian place. We started with 4 people, then 6, then 8, and finally took over most of the restaurant and kept them open late. The waiter was actually Swedish, so MontyW was able to make his order in that language. The guy sitting across the table from me had been involved in the Intelipedia project, a Wikipedia for the classified US intel community, which I thought was pretty cool.

The conversation was geeky, and MySQL centered all night, and then at the end of the night, myself, BrianA, RonaldB, and SherriC stumbled off to our hotel and into our rooms.

That was day zero. Let's find out what day one brings!
Tags: mysql

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