Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So last night when I get home from work, Birki was not right there at the door waiting for me. This concerned me a bit, so I went looking for her. It didn't take long, she was still curled up in the polarfleece throw on the couch, and he turned her head to look at me.

Still being concerned, I picked her up and checked her over. Too light. Not glossy. Pinch test showed she was dehyrdrated. Lethargic. Not completely coordinated.

I have to watch for this stuff, she has known kidney problems, and it's simply a matter of time before renal failure. "Time" being denominated in "years" still, I hope.

So I called the Cat Clinic of Seattle, and left a message declaring my intention to request a prompt appointment as soon as they open in the morning, and then thawed out some turkey broth, of which she drank a little bit.

Today, I brought her in at 10:45am, and they drew blood and urine (it was almost time for her regular labwork anyway), and then subcutaciously hydrated her. They'll call me with the labwork results tomorrow.

Hydration is amazing. She perked right back up.

Man it's a gorgous day, I didn't want to go in to work, but... to quote the Work Law of 2999 (from the TV show "Futurama"), "You gotta do what you gotta do.".

Anyway, I went back home, dug out some litter trays and closable bowls for more broth, and then brought her to work. She's calm, but is sticking very close. And she savagely killed and ate a couple of ounces of sliced turkey.

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