Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Thoughts on the plane

So, like I tweeted earlier, the JFK Terminal 7 closes at night, open at 4.
So I spent a couple of hours sitting in a air tran station.
When the terminal opened, the TSA gate was scheduled to open at 4:45.
But they didn't, they opened (chaotically) at 4:55.
Got to the gate and found a good chair and a power outlet.
But the flight boarded late and departed later.
Because the pilot was late to arrive, he "was stuck in traffic".
That has to be a CLM.
And then there was some sort of mechanical problem that didn't get discovered until the pilot started checklisting.
This aircraft is decent. ALL of the seats are either business class or "Plus" class, e.g. they have legroom.
Probably due to competition from JetBlue.
I slept thru most of the pretakeoff wait, the takeoff, and most of the flight, awakened only a couple of times due to moderate turbulance.
It's now 10:10. I was supposed to arrive at 9:20. We're probably going to arrive around 11.
Which means I will have to take a faster option from SFO to UC Berkeley.
There is some really annoying very catty chick show on the entertainment monitors.
And now it's been replaced with something worse, a history of the 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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