Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Moving all my stuff, and then travelling again

Yesterday I picked up all of my stuff, and moved it to another room in the house. Because my room is about to be gutted and renovated; new walls, new insulation and electrical, new trim, new paint, sealed and polished floor. I got rid of a lot of stuff when I moved in, and moving it all again makes me want to get rid of even more of it. Off to friends, freecycle, and goodwill. When I can be home long enough to sort it...

This coming week I'm attending a Sun internal tech conference called "Innovation @ Sun". For that, I am to make a poster. Nothing like the last minute. I struggled getting it to gel on Saturday, some ideas came to me when I woke up on Sunday, and it settled down in my head this morning. I put it together, and then, well, how do I turn this PDF into a poster and get it to the resort where the conference is.

Enter one of the advantages of working for a Large Company. Sun has a service bureau that does exactly this sort of thing. I called them up, described what I needed, and they were very familiar with the process, the conference, and with people waiting until the last minute. I emailed the PDF to the right address, and the voice on the phone assured me that it would be waiting for me at the conference location tomorrow.

I woke up at too-early o'clock this morning, and caught the 6am UA from SEA to SFO, slept most of the flight, and then hitched a ride to the Sun Menlo Park campus, where I took over a "flexible workspace" office. In between working, I got to meet some interesting Sun people, who are deeply engaged figuring out this wierd little opensource database they have bought.

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