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I took a sick day from work, I'm much sleep deprived, had much to do, and also had a lot to do in Seattle.

Didn't get that much done at home, but got to Seattle around noon, had a long and sometimes pointed necessary conversation with a friend there.

Then I went to my dentist for my four month cleaning. I get a cleaning done three times a year, instead of every six months, because I am recovering from periodontal disease. My hygiene is apparently still really good, very little tarter, but my gums are inflamed as if it was really bad. This is interesting, because it doesn't mean it's simply a matter of "brush and floss better". So we're talking and Perostat and getting a DNA culture of my plaque bacteria done, and such stuff.

She also had an interesting theory about my headache. I traced out the arc of the pain on the side of my head, and she said that that was the arc of the attachment of one of the main the jaw muscles. She did some poking and prodding, and pointed out that I have mild TMJ on that side, and also some inflamed lymph nodes. Apparently this sort of stuff is a pain, it's a "crack" to fall into. Doctors ignore jaws because thats where the dentists work, and dentists can't do anything about all the really complex soft tissue there except for the gums. Likewise one tends to end up with dueling insurance companies, where the dental insurance says "that is medical, not our responsibility", and the medical insurance says "that is dental, not our responsibility". Sigh.

Had a very nice piano lesson from Mr Henry.

On the way home, stopped at the gym, did an hour on an EC, set another personal record for crunches (105, and man those last 10 were NOT painless), and then dozed in the fakenbake grill.

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