Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Randoms. Flying to DFW, lost my phone, Burning Man stuff, folks at Gaia Consert, and still more Dri

Sitting in the back of a MD S80 is not fun. Between the two engines. There is no ignoring their song. Come to think of it, this isn't the first time I this has happened to me on an AA SEA-DFW flight. I should remember this, to avoid it in the future. It would be fun to jump out of one tho. The S80 is the kind with the rear ramp door, that "D.B. Cooper" made famous. Come to think of it, that was out of SEA. We can all thank him for causing the introduction of airport pax screening, which has led us to the idiotic dance that is the TSA today.

I left my phone in the cab on the ride to the airport. It will be FedEx'ed to me tomorrow, so I should have it by the evening. But still, it's weird to be without a phone, and it's weird that I feel so anxious without one. It's less than 10 years ago that I got one permanently.

krow and I sorted out pretty much the last of the Burning Man "stuff" that had been piled up in the entry way Not to say that it's completely done. My camping gear is now sitting in a couple of boxes in my room, along with the last basket of misc stuff to launder. My plan is, one of my next times at home, to run the tent and sleeping bag thru a high capacity front loader at a laundromat. And take my bike to the shop for a complete clean and grease. Playa dust and then Seattle drizzle can't have been good for it.

We're going to do the camp rather differently next year. One of the goals is to be able to repack all The Stuff into their storage bins when we strike camp, so "unpacking" at home doesn't involve unpacking everything down to the individual items, and then repacking them again. If the bins get playa dust inside them and the stuff remain covered with playa all year, big deal. We'll see how we do. I expect that if we keep doing this each year, we will get better and better at the logistics and quartermastering.

At the Gaia Consort concert last night, there were two people to who carefully ignored me. One of which I'm glad of, and one of which I'm sad of. The rest of the crowd was mostly unsurprising, basically most of the Seattle polypagan crowd. I wonder how many of them figure out what Chris was saying, when he said "If Richard Dawkins can call himself a 'Cultural Christian', I guess I am a 'Cultural Pagan'". Their music is all folky and woo, but the lyrics, are hardcore Atheist. And not just "I don't believe in the God of American Christians" atheist, but also "I don't believe in anyone else's woo either" atheist.

I did see Yamarashi-chan at the concert. She came running up to me, and lept up into my arms for a tight long hug, which was pleasant. What with all my work and all my travel and compressing the rest of my life because of it, I've not been over to visit Yamarashi-chan, Kouryou-chan, elfs, or omahas nearly enough.

Got some good initial feedback on the pre-announcement of pluggable error logging for Drizzle. It looks like it's going to clean up a lot more of the core codebase than I had first thought. There are lots of places where the existing API for error logging isn't used, and the code just writes to stderr. That will get fixed. And there are lots of places where someone unnecessarily complexifed the code, and added get more wrappers around the existing API. That will get fixed as well. Was told to check out the logging in Falcon. From the description of it, it looks like someone on the Falcon team felt the need to reimpliment syslog-ng, yet one more time.

Since this plug in is called "error logging", I'm going to go back to the interface I just wrote, and rename it "query logging", from just "logging". Right now I'm the only one writing implementations to those plugin interfaces, and all the code everywhere is still in heavy flux, so I can do that.

My hot project however will have to be my AWS S3 engine. I have been invited to present at the Innovation@Sun conference in a couple of weeks, and that is a Big Deal inside the company. Lots of high powered executives, Principal Engineers, and Fellows, and my main presentation is on that engine. To that end, I need to get it working again, sometime in the 5.1 progression, it broke. What would be nice would be to get it working for the current 5.1 release candidate, for the tip-of-tree on Lauchpad, and, of course, for Drizzle.

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