Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

And another Drizzle plugin interface, for error messages

MySQL, and thus currently Drizzle, logs stuff to it's error log. "Stuff" being errors, warnings, and info messages. Inside the code, they ultimately get sent to stderr, which is directed to whatever file is specified by the "log-error" option. It's all in the MySQL documentation at

I'm changing that in Drizzle, replacing the error logging stuff with a plugin interface.

The first implementation will, just like the current builtin system, write to a file, or to stderr. I expect soon after, plugins that send the messages to syslog, as SNMP traps, and to a CSV table, will be written.

Just like the query logging work, getting this going will shink the drizzle core even more, and likely remove still more unneeded locks.
Tags: drizzle, mysql

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