Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


There was some kind of parade today on Broadway, but it ended before it got in my way.

Went to REI. They were having a sale, so I took the opportunity to replace my lost climbing gear, and traded up a bit, to a better harness and better shoes.

Went climbing. Beat the climb that I failed at last time, but was then beaten at another one, that is the same rating, but was much more overhang. Next time.

Had lunch at Nickerson.

Raced back to the house, to change shirts and grab the tickets.

Went down to the Moore Theater, and watched the Mythbusters Live. It was a fun fun show.

Back to the house, sorted my laundry, and started packing. Sunday afternoon I start travelling for work again.

In the evening, went to some stage in Shortline, to watch the last consert by Gaia Consort.


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