Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 45 of 124. Chest and biceps

A weak day, with an odd strength, and a little triumph at the end.

First did dumbbell bench press, and then Hammer bench press. I had done this much weight in the Hammer machine before, but this time I just couldn't do as many. Last time I banged out 15/12/12, this time it was 12/10/8, with a LOT of help on the last two of the third set. Crud. I could tell that while much of the rebellion was in my arms, some of it was in my head too. Double crud.

Then dumbbell flys mixed with knee lift crunches. I make my trainer despair a bit when I tell him that stuff like the knee lifts hit my lower back as hard as they hit my abs. I must have some weird muscle activation crosswiring that I need to learn to clear. Then inclined seat dumbbell bench press, and that was it for chest for the day. I'm getting better and better at doing those with my chest instead of my shoulders. Learning to crunch your chest is one of those muscle isolation skills like learning to raise a single eyebrow, or wiggle your ears.

On to arms. Dumbbell bicep curls, and then barbell bicep curls mixed with The Plank. Again I was weak. I had to keep dropping down to lighter and lighter barbells. Annoying! Hurt, too. Mixing it with the Plank was pretty brutal as well. I was doing the full body quiver by the end of those.

Then came even more core. Ball bridges. Which I could tell annoyed my trainer a little bit, because he showed me how to do them (On your back on a mat. Put your heels on top of the ball (its about 1 meter in diameter). Lift your back, ass, and legs off the floor. Place your arms out on the ground and use them for balance and to spot. As you get stronger, you pull your arms closer and closer, until you can do it without them.) I got into position, lifted my ass, got my balance, and then crossed my arms over my chest, and held it. Easy! I have no idea why I should just happen to be strong in that way.

Once again, it was hitting my back as well as my abs and sides.

We finished off with inclined straight crunches. I banged out 35 (the last 5 hurt), rested, did 30, rested again, did 30 again, and then without relaxing, gritted my teeth, told my rebelling body to STFU and do it anyway, and squeezed out five more. That's a hundred! I've never been able to do 100 crunches before. Go me.

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