Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Hotel Reviews

Park Place Bloomington, Minneapolis MN

Right next to the Seagate factory. Physical facilities are ok. Laundry service got my clothes back in the evening, nice turnaround. Takes half a dozen rings for them to answer the phone. Breakfast buffet is greasy and overcooked. The internet connection is wireless, and it sucks. Each of the dozens of APs have their own ESSID, and the signal strength is poor at best, provided by some outfit called "". I finally gave up on it, have been using my AT&T card. The Aeron chair is a nice touch, but the desk is not really meant to be used, it's more like a wide end table.

Radisson Valley Forge, King of Prussia PA

RIght next to "history Valley Forge" and the KoP supermall, part of the KoP convention center complex. There was an on-site hotel bar, that served decent bar food. And a morning breakfast cafe, that make pretty good omlettes to order. The font desk and guest services take forever to answer the phone. I finally gave up calling for wakeup service. The hotel laundry lost my good pants, swapping in a horrid pair of dacron polyester slacks from a rental uniform. Internet connection was wired, and every 24 hours would again "log out", and make me go thru the the hotel slash screen again. The chair and the desk were functional.

Woodcrest, Cupertino CA

This is an aging hotel. Shabby but clean. I think the carpet and the furnishings were installed in the 70s. Internet connection was wired, and Just Worked. Big desk space.

Wingate by Wyndham Henderson, Henderson NV

This is a brand new hotel. Located between two brand new shopping centers within hiking distance. Just about all of the town of Henderson is "brand new", it's a rapidly growing subdivision based exurb of Las Vegas. Physical facilities were ok. The breakfast buffet was ok, but sparse on choices. There were otherwise nothing to eat, and local restaurants were a long hike away, and sparse. The internet connection was great. Both wired and wireless, ran fast, Just Worked. Decent shuttle service, reliable enough that I used it to get to the gig each day.

Cypress, Cupertino CA

This is the best business hotel I've stayed in yet, ever. It was a bit over decorated, and the animal print motif was maybe a tad overdone, extending all the way to the pair of luxury robes hanging in the closet, but oh they felt nice. Nice sheets. Great internet connection, good desk. Answered the phone in just one ring. Good hotel restaurant. Located right next to the MySQL Cupertino offices. And by "next to", I've usually had to walk farther from the parking the car to walking in the door at a gig. I would want to stay here every time I go to Cupertino, except that the price is "not in policy" for Sun's PS gig travel guidelines.

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