Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


One more day in Mpls. Then home for half a week.

The client du jour, their app has "many opportunities for improvement", but 93% of the problem (I measured) isn't MySQL's fault

This hotel room used to be for smokers. They tried hard to clean it up, but, I can tell when I walk into it each evening.

My rental car, likewise, used to be for smokers. Again, while they tried to clean it up, I can tell.

Mall of America is pretty darn big, but I think that Seattle Southcenter has it beat for shopping space. It's just that Southcenter isnt all in one building.

Pile of receipts to enter. Pile of code to write.

One of the ATM receipts says the machine is located in "Kink of Prussia". I wonder what the kink of Prussia is.

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