Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Dude, where are my pants?

I have, had, a really nice pair of dress slacks. Microfiber, and the high tech stuff that food and spills would just fall off of.

I gave them to the hotel laundry to clean at last hotel, and then just packed my clean clothes uninspected. Mistake.

I needed to wear them today, as my other pants needed to go thru the laundry. And they had shrunk, and were uncomfortable, and not nearly as good looking. And I was thinking, crap, the dry cleaning or the hot dryer or something has ruined them.

No, I just checked the tag. These are not my pants! They are the pants from some cheap men's dress rental.

So this evening, I will have to call up the hotel, and say "Dude, where are my pants!", and also probably go to the mall and buy a new pair anyway.

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