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Mark Atwood
Bungee SQL Admin
While resorting emails, I found one from someone at Bungee Connect that I met at some conference a while ago. He asked me to take a look at something called "Bungee Connect SQL Admin"

It looks decent, but I don't know what it does that phpMyAdmin doesnt do, and I don't much care for having to trust some random other-hosted service with firewall access and passwords into my own databases.

But it is a SaaS, thus avoiding installation and upgrading costs.

Maybe it will be useful to someone.


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thaeger From: thaeger Date: September 29th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Bungee SQL Admin

Heya, Mark:
Thanks for the mention. Since many MySQL admins are already familiar with using phpMyAdmin, and can install it easily enough, our tool is mainly an available alternative to phpMyAdmin. Some might find it handy if they need to make some changes when their phpMyAdmin is not available for some reason. Or, they might find the interaction of the UI (employing drag and drop, and such) of interest.
Also, should anyone finds it interesting and wants to make some modifications, we put the source code for it in our online code repository, too.
--Ted Haeger
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