Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I really need a better Example Storage Engine

At my current gig, we're trying to make a custom storage engine do something rather out of the ordinary.

Which isn't really a surprise, all new storage engines try to do something "out of the ordinary". If you need "ordinary", just use MyISAM or InnoDB. (Those two engines are, themselves, rather extraordinary...)

But in the process of trying to hunt one particular thing down, I am wishing again for a storage engine that is completely utterly blandly ordinary.

An example storage engine that has no tricks, no performance hacks, no elegant data structures, no clever code, and yet actually works, able to insert, update, delete, and select real data.

My "piggy engine" would be perfect, if I ever get around to finishing it.
Tags: mysql

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