Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Walking a girl around in the dark

So an hour or so ago, I was sitting here at Center Camp Playa Info, uploading photos to Flickr, when this lovely young lady, wearing a bikini and a pair of boots, comes up to me.

She's lost, terrified, shivering, and more than a little chemically altered.

I helped her into the shirt and scarf she was carrying, that random passing burners had gifted her with, and got the start of her story out of her.

She's from San Francisco, here with her wife, who she got into an argument with, and her wife just got in their (fully packed) car, and drove off, presumably to go home.

She does have a camp she can crash with, but has no idea where it is, and doesn't know how to run the Playa Info computers.

So I put away my machine and stuff, get her to remember the camp name, and look it up. Camp Elsewhere, up at around 3:30 and H. That's a long walk from center. And since the Man has burned, the street signs have all been ripped off.

So I walk her to her friends' camp, listening to her, as she's so happy to no longer be so lost and alone.

Even though the street signs are gone, the layout and survey markers are still in place, and thus I was able to work out the street and avenue names, and keep us from getting lost .

Apparently she and her wife are an Oscar and Felix pair, and Felix came here to the playa and didn't care for it, doing things like trying to sweep out their tent each day. The whiteout and duststorms all day today where the last straw, and she wanted to leave early, before the Man burned, thus the argument.

Anyway, this girl is safe and warm for the moment, and now has a ride back to San Francisco.
Tags: burningman, stories

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