Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 43 of 124. Legs.

My previous trainer session was last Wednesday. I've gone a week without, because I was out of town on Friday and Monday for my brother's and sister's birthday party. That last time was also legs, but we decided to keep to our week cycle by doing legs again today.

I haven't lost any weight this week, which is not a surprise given what I've eaten over the weekend. It wasn't an orgy of junkfood, but there was a fair amount of cake and ice cream involved, as well as Jeanette and Alex buying a huge jar of Extreme Cheese Balls that was just amazing.

But I am stronger. We ran thru most all of our standard leg exercises, and I did them all either more reps or more weight. Except for lunges. We didn't do lunges. I may veto lunges entirely. There are plenty of other exercises that work and stretch the quads and work the balance, without the tear on my knees.

Stronger and stronger, better and better, tighter and tighter.

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