Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Random Stuff

That may have been a long flight back from Toronto, but the guy sitting next to me had had a longer day. He had worked that morning in Vancouver, had to fly to Toronto to report to his boss, then fly back to Seattle! I guess Logitech doesn't believe in email or telephones...

It was nice to wake up in my own bed this morning.

We picked up some big awnings at CostCo for Burning Man. And also rented an imarsat internet device. I think we're almost ready. The only thing lacking in our inventory now is water containers.

My little brother pheonix_jade called me today to touch base, and relay word that Thanksgiving this year will be at our sister wykhurst's new house.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon Fresh, but they delivered the wrong order. I opened the cases just a few minutes after they were dropped off, and the driver came back about ten minutes later. He had only swapped mine with someone else, instead of making an off-by-one error, and misdelivering the entire route.

It's way hot here in Seattle.

I got a form letter and some glossy pretty corporate diplomas for passing my MySQL certifcation. The text of the letters is already out of date, referring to "MySQL Inc". And the exec who it was "from" I dont think is still in charge of certification.

I just dumped a lot of stuff up to Flickr..

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