Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
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In response to "The open-source job shortage"

Over in CNET, Matt Asay has posted an article The open-source job shortage, talking about large enterprises' need for developers with deep MySQL experience.

While he is correct about the need for talent with that skillset, there are plenty of effective solutions.

A number of months ago, Harper Reed asked me where he could hire MySQL talent, and I told him to take his existing staff, and run them thru MySQL training. That seems to have worked for him. That's now my stock answer when people ask where they can hire MySQL talent.

When you need to go up to the next level, get and read the book High Performance MySQL, Second Edition. The book is basically several of the very best MySQL people in the world, reduced to readable book form. If your staff will read that book, they will become people with "deep MySQL experience".

If training up your own staff is not on the roadmap, and you need someone to come in for a week to analyze and design a new system, or to do performance fixes to an existing system, you have many choices. There is, of course, Sun MySQL Professional Services. Or you can go to folks like 42SQL, or Proven Scaling, or Percona, or Open Query.

Or say you want operational ongoing DBAs, or have a panic situation and you need a DBA right now, there are outfits like Pythian and Blue Gecko. And if you are a hybrid shop, these two companies do both MySQL and Oracle.

In short, "using MySQL is risky because we can't find the talent!" is a solved problem.

Now, you might not want to pay the talent, but that's a different problem.

(Disclaimer and disclosure: I work for Sun MySQL Professional Services.)
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