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A perfectly good airplane

So one of the goals my sister jatg had set herself to do on her 30th birthday (which is today) was to go skydiving.

So this morning we (her, me, and xenologue) showed up at the place she had researched, SkyDive Ogden, her to jump and we to lend moral support. But we all managed to convince Alex and me to do it too. As we were midway through the training, my Dad showed up to watch as well.

They didn't have enough videographers to shoot all 3 of us at once. (We all had decided to video the experience (images will be posted soon), we did it in two drops. I was randomly assigned to the first drop, and Jeanette and Alex to the second.

It took about 20 minutes to ride up to 14,000 ft. Leaning out the door, it was "Wow, what a great view of the ground!", "Um, it's getting BIGGER and the wind just got a lot worse." "Oh shit!" I spent the next 50 seconds (which seemed a LOT longer) nearly hypnotized by the ground rush. The videographer got only a few shots of my face.

I did do everything physically nearly perfectly correct, apparently. Lots of practice listening to the trainers, I guess. Also, I was heavier than most jumpers (I had to pay a surcharge for being over 90 kg), which causes a faster terminal velocity, so the videographer had a hard time keeping up.

Anyway, the jump instructor opened the canopy without incident, and we did a couple of practice pulls and turns, and then guided it in to the green lawn right in front of the hanger.

It was fun.

I quickly called many of the people in my celphone's directory to tell them what I had done.

Anyway, Jeanette and Alex went next. Jeanette was joking and happy getting in, while Alex was still more than a little nervous. Twenty five minutes later they landed one after the other. Jeanette landed hard, apparently she had not enjoyed the ride down as much as she had hoped, between her stomach and her middle ears rebelling. Alex had had a great time, and did a nearly perfect standing landing.

The videographers edited together our tapes for us. In a few days Jeanette will go back and suck the raw footage into her iMac over the firewire, and reedit them herself. Apparently her problem mainly stemmed from that she hadn't eaten breakfast, thinking that that would be better, but the instructors said after that it's better to jump with a full stomach.

Anyway, I hope I can find a dropzone near Seattle that will accept my certificate and let me do a second jump, instead of a first jump a second time.

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