Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

GiSTEQ PhotoTracker, so far my experiece is negative

I just bought a GisTEQ Phototracker Pro from ThinkGeek.

So far, I've been extremely disappointed.

It's a USB device, but instead of doing the smart thing and making it look like a USB storage device full of NMEA files, or even a serial device speaking the standard GPS seria NMEA protocol, it speaks a proprietary protocol. That's annoying.

It does come with a baroque and ugly Windows app that tries to be all-in-one photo album and slideshow app, that also does the geotagging. But I run a Mac or Linux. That's annoying, twice over.

But it does come with Mac software to download. Which I have downloaded and am running. Again, it tries to be an all-in-one photo album and slideshow app, that also does the geotagging. Again annoying.

Except that it doesn't actually work. When I try to use it to talk to the device, it fails. FAIL

All I want is something small I can carry around for a weekend, and then grab a NMEA track files from whenever I want, using whatever OS and machine I want.

I'm swapping emails with their support people, and am trying to be charitable and say that their clueless and incomprehension to a language barrier. Maybe they can get it to work for me.

Followup: all those megabytes of bloatware GUI apps are replaced by and outperformed by 2kLOC of perl scripts here, thanks to one Hartmut Schimmel. And it works on Linux and Mac. Most of the docs deal with configuring older Linux systems, and/or figuring out how it all works. But with just a few tweaks, it Just Works. Now I can get NMEA and GPX files from a small device I just keep near my camera.
Tags: gadgets, gps

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