Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Talk about drinking the FUD Kool-aid...

you should start discounting Subversion because of it’s questionable code history. The Microsoft product is clearly branded, and it’s code has a clear source that is fully accountable for it’s intellectual property. The Subversion code is a mishmash of code pasted in from all kinds of anonymous sources on the web. ... There is literally no reason to not use the Microsoft CodePlex product, and many reasons not to use the buggy and possiblly illegal Subversion/Sourceforge mashup. link

Literally no reason... Other than it is buggy, it is slow, it is beta, development is very slow, it locks you into a Microsoft-owned and dominated site, you can only get support from Microsoft, only for as long as Microsoft is interested in supporting it, you can only get bug fixes and new features on their schedule, and it only works with a paid product. Yeah, other than those reasons, literally no reason at all.
Tags: geek

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