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Had the weirdest hard time waking up this morning. No less than twice I was dreaming that I thought I was awake, shocked myself to true wakefulness, and then fell back asleep. In the dreamstates I experenced a fairly large amount of subjective time, a couple of days, in about half an hour of realtime.

Anyway, after an errand, went to Folklife. Bought some stuff for me, a present for a friend. Then met up with my sister Jett, and later also with the Sternbergs.

Walked around alot, listened to a lot music. Some of it cool, some of it not so much. I really liked the African xylophones northeast of the fountain. Got a bit of sun, shed a bit of rain. Ate good food and sticky treats, like s'mores with homemade marshmellows.

I had invited JudyG to FolkLife, but she was unable to come. Next year I hope.

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