Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

CNNairport, how I hate you

I want a killfile for reality.

Especially in airports. The worst offender in my personal space is CNNairport.

It's loud, flashy, stupid, and puffy.

They repeat themselves over and over. And not only rotating stories, but instead each sentence is repeated and restated at least 3 times right after each other.

The speakers act like they are both high on meth, and slightly terrified. Very wide eyed and breathy.

They make statements that would not survive usenet or wikipedia, that would immediately be buried in counter-arguments or at least "needs citation".

Everyone who works for them should die of embarrassment.

I just spent a week helping to improve and optimize a gay pick-up web site, and I think that it's doing more good for the world than CNNairport does.

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