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Agh! My eyes! My eyes!

I went to the eye doctor (Dr. Henry T. Peters, OD) today, since I needed new glasses (broke the old ones playing paintball a few weeks ago)

Yesterday afternoon, his office called to remind me of the appointment, and also to remind me not to put in my contacts the next morning (this morning). So I drive to work and start the day with my warped and broken old glasses instead, which makes the world look a bit askew.

Finding the clinic was a challenge. I had thought I knew where it was when I left work for it. I had thought wrong. My phone was empty, so I couldn't call for directions. I finally found it, only 2 minutes late. Around the corner from my gym. There needs to be a word for being embarrassed to yourself.

Anyway, he was good doctor, good bedside manner.

First the glacoma air puff test (perfect score), and then the standard "is this better or this?" routine. Strangely, my correction has gone down. My current glasses and contacts are too strong. He tweaked my contact scrip for free (I had elected not to go for a full contact fitting, VSP will pay for a glasses exam or a contact fitting, but not both.), and wrote me a new glasses scrip.

My one known drug reaction is that the the standard anesthetic eye drops make me nauseated and shocky. So I get the dilator drops raw. It isn't the most painful thing to happen to me in a doctor's office, but it sure isn't pleasant. The drops go in, and I wear grit my teeth and tear up the arms of the chair for a moment, until I get my breath again.

Then ran thru a "field of vision" test, looking for blind spots. Which was interesting, I'd never had that exam before. (I got a perfect score.) And then the standard "look at the retina" and "look at the cornea", bright pinpoint light stuff.

When we were done the doctor mentioned that they now have an antagonist for the dilator drug, but without the anesthetic, it would be about 7.5 on the Richter pain scale, so I decided not to.

Then I picked out a new pair of frames and lens material. The glasses will have black (of course) frames, of a much more flexy material, and will have smaller lenses closer to my face. The lenses themselves will be the latest high-refractive low-weight stuff. Special order, 10 days. I guess I can keep in the contacts for that long.

VSP will pay $125 for new glasses. I don't know where you can buy a set of frames and lenses for that little, or what kind of clunky ones you would end up with, but all that did was dent the bill. At least VSP then gives me 20% off the remaining balance, plus the rest can come out of my MSA, which is effectively another 32.5% off.

Put my contacts in there (in an unfamiliar sink, they didn't have my brand of buffered saline, and my eyes were still stinging), and then slipped on my sunglasses, and stepped outside. Yesterday was a typical grey overcast Seattle day. But, today, of course, it was pouring down sunlight. Even with the sunglasses, with my dilated eyes, it was just WAY TOO BRIGHT.

And, I couldn't read. It was very strange. Thing weren't blurry they way they are when I'm not wearing lenses, it's just that small things close by just couldn't be resolved. I could see to drive, but couldn't see to read.

In the supermarket to get some stuff, I had to just go by color and shape and feel, since I couldn't read labels or brandnames. Similarly, in the gym, manipulating my MP3 player during an afternoon hour on the EC was a pain, since I couldn't read the little LCD display at all. And then with my piano lesson this evening, we had to do just technical scale drills, since I couldn't even begin to read sheetmusic.

It's just about all passed now. I can read well enough to type, but even so there are weird glowing halos around the letterglyphs in this emacs buffer.

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