Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Busy Sunday

So, bitmask likes to take pictures. My friend Kelly is a pretty girl who owns a lot of Threadless shirts. I know Harper Reed of Threadless. Threadless loves to crowdsource it's photos as well as it's art, to the point that they give a credit for each good unique picture of someone wearing one of their shirts. I've been trying for MONTHS go get all these parts to come together. Finally, on Saturday morning, they did.

I went to CuteHouse, and picked up Kelly, while Helen prepped the shooting space. Came back, dropped her off, then walked over to the Cap Hill farmers market, and bought for cheap the parts of a yummy brunch. Back again, the ladies had already started shooting, took a break for food, then back to shooting. I got cast as the Grip, holding the reflectors in the sunlight pouring in the windows to cast better light on the subject. And thus I learned why the lighting guy is called the Grip.

Much fun was had, many good photos were taken. They will probably start appearing soon in Helen's flickr stream, and maybe on Threadless'es website.

The next thing of the day was Colin and Kristen's wedding. I took Kelly back to her home, zoomed to my place, changed into nicer clothes, picked up Helen, drove part of the way, then walked to CHAC. We were running late, but fortunately, so was the wedding.

The wedding went off very well.

It was fun to see all the intersections of bits of Seattle's weird geek communities. And to watch the more mundane people handle it. (Which they did, very well.)

I had volunteered to help with the cleanup and the dishes. So Luna and I gathered up 150 sets of brandnew dirty Ikea plates, glasses, and silverware, scraped them, binned them, loaded bins into my car, drove them up the Metaphorist, and with a lot of help from Helen, ran them thru the sink and the dishwasher. It was a number of loads.

While doing so, I mused on how wonderfully affordable these things were, to the point where it almost wasnt quite worth the effort to wash them. Compare buying this much tableware from Ikea in 2008, vs buying the same types of goods from a dry good store in 1908.

We also helped haul in all the flowers from the wedding, and hauled them up the two flights of stairs to the bride & grooms bedroom. It nearly filled their room up...
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