Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Three questions. Offices, Servers, Registration

Some pointed questions that an Angel or VC should ask anyone they are funding:

Why are you wasting my money renting expensive office space?

Programmers and designers can work from anywhere. When they need to work face to face, they can meet in homes, in cafes, and in co-working coops like CItizen Agency, Start Pad, Saturday House, etc.

If you feel you need to ride herd so closely on your staff that you need to put them in an office together, either you shouldn't have hired them, or you shouldn't be in the startup or tech industry.

Why are you wasting my money and our time buying servers and renting colocation space?

You can spin up a REAL real-world load-ready multi server and database LAMP application on AWS EC2 in just a couple of hours, and size it to exactly your load as you need it. And AWS isnt the only game in town. There are other cloud and grid app server systems entering the fray.

Why are you driving away our users with yet another "create an account / register on our site" page?

Instead ask the user "Do you have a yahoo, aim, gmail, or OpenID?" Log them in that way, make some heuristic guesses, hit the open social API, and learn everything you can about your new user without forcing another signup foirm on him. If they've logged into Linkedin, Plaxo, FriendFeed, Facebook, etc from that browser in the last few days, you can learn that from their browser via JS, hit their profiles on those sites, feed their profile URLs into OpenSocial, and build their new profile on your site faster than the user can groan "Do I have to fill this all in AGAIN?!"
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