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Mark Atwood
Observations on drugged sleep
The night before last, I got hit with the super drowsy within ten minutes of downing the nyquil. Last night, it tool more like an hour, and was a much gentler "decent". But then again, the night before last I had an almost completely empty gut, and last night I had actually eaten a meal. It makes sense that buffering oral drugs with food would slow them down.

The dreams are best described at frenzied and constructive. I feel like I'm building, making, doing. It's the same feeling I get when I'm flowing with coding, or actually putting something together, but running on fast forward. If there was only some way to save the "work product". If I drug myself tonight, maybe I'll replace the pen and pad by my desk. OTOH, its not "ideas", or problems that get "an answer" puzzled out, but instead more like just the mental effort of actually line by line banging out code, so the quick write it down while i remember it probably won't work. But then, it may all be bollocks anyway, and is just mental texture and weird brain chemistry.

I can always tell the moment the drugs run out in my system, because I suddenly flash awake wrapped in cooling sweaty sheets. It happens the same time every night, about 4am. It's a rather unpleasent feeling. So far, I've not done the obvious thing, and dosed myself again, but instead just adjusted the sheets, toweled myself off, and feel back to the land of Nod, and the malestrom of "feeling like I'm making".

I will decide this evening whether I feel the need to drug myself for a 3rd night.
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From: cerebresque Date: April 23rd, 2008 11:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nyquil sends me off to a nice dreamless sleep pretty well, but it has a very interesting side effect I don't think I've heard about from anyone else on me: bizarre ideation. Really bizarre ideation.

So any time I take it, Amy has to listen to about half an hour to an hour's crazed babble about hovering pastry, or moustached Chinese mandarin-fish who secretly run the world, or interstellar octopi with sergeant's stripes demanding the immediate surrender of my pants on pain of an immediate orbital lasering, or...

Well, I'm told it can get quite bizarre, after that. Not that I can remember much of it myself.
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