Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Meet the new job, same as the old job. Now a SUN employee.

Last November, I became an employee of MySQL Inc, which was owned by MySQB AB.

A few weeks ago, MySQL AB and MySQL Inc etc et al became wholly owned by Sun Microsystems, which immediately started rapidly digesting this new corporate M&A meal.

As of today, I am now an employee of Sun Microsystems.

For the most part, for the time being, nothing changes. I do the same kind of work, have the same lovely workplace (an array of local cafes), and the same annoying business travel. (And the same expense reporting "system". Ugh!)

We shall see what does change, next.

But for now, when someone asks me what my job is, my short answer will remain "I work on MySQL".
Tags: mysql, work

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