Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I have the best work environment ever, and a trip to the vet, meeting a bookstore owner

I'm working at Remedy Tea, sitting outdoors for a while. I have a black & gold sarong I got in Hawaii as a tablecloth, a put of #5 "mental booster" tea, and an interesting little job, reviewing a patch against MySQL 5.0 that was submitted by a very large internet company.

I have Zhenya sitting at my feet. I almost forgot that today was checkup at the vet, until I walked by the vet, remembered, then ran back to the house, to leash him up and bring him back. He's well and healthy, tho he could use to lose a kilo or two.

Just in front of me at the vet was the owner of Twice Sold Tales, with one of the new shop cats there for shots and alter. He was fostered from King County Animal Control, who were supposed to be the ones to alter all their fostered kittens, except they "forgot" in a beaucratic foulup. King County just recenly increased the cost of pet licensing by a significant multiplier, and most of the raised money is to pay for the people to enforce the new fee. Talk about "government as 'protection' racket" laid naked and bare!

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