Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Wednesday night, I stayed up all night hacking a perl script together that rewrites a whole pile of test cases. I hate doing QA, and meta-QA is only marginally interesting. And going without sleep is something I don't handle as well as I did fifteen years ago.

And for all that work, they still didnt work quite right.

Yesterday evening, Leslie came over and brought her new boy with her, and they helped me pack up the rest of Sol's stuff into Amy's truck and my Forester, and drove it down to his storage. We got there at quarter to nine, at which point I discovered they closed at seven. Crap.

I still treated them to pizza at the Hopvine for their help.

Friday morning, I drove Amy's truck back down, and unloaded it myself. Bethieee called me on the drive back, and with the aid of my headset, we kept each other company as I drove home and she drove to Baltimore.

After some fruitless efforts getting the current project installed on a different machine, I got the client on skype for some help. And that rapidly snowballed, with their VP-E and then CEO joining the chat, and then me pulling my boss in.

We decided we could keep using the existing machine for one more day, and I got them to install screen, so that BrianM and I could use the same shell session and watch each other work. Between having that, having us both work on the problems at the same time, and chatting voice over skype, we banged out a lot, getting done at about 7pm

Then Helen came over and we went out to eat at the Hopvine, and then soak in the hot tub.

I love having a hot tub.

This morning, went back down to the storage place, and unloaded my Forester into it. That job is now done. There is probably one more trip of little things that turn up, but it's stopped hanging over me.

In a few minutes, I'm heading down to the ferry, to go to Bremerton, for Kim's birthday party.

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