Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Depressive crash today. Well, not so much a "crash", and not so much "today". More like a slow slide down, and I felt it coming on last night. Hopefully it will lift by this evening.

Last night, I walked in the rain down to the Elysium, and drank a dragonstooth and ate a blackbean burger. I seem to be incrementally turning into a vegetarian. Then I walked down to the Merc. It's completely different, but completely the same. Didn't see anyone I knew, or anyone approachable that I wanted to know, so I walked home, and fought with MsKiddie over possession of my pillows.

I wonder if the gym is about cleared of the January surge? Doing a full body top to bottom burn might make me feel better.

I accidentally left my luggage behind at the airport on Wednesday night. I'm taking Brian down to the airport today, and will be able to pick it up from lost-n-found then. My keys are in that luggage, so right now I'm using a spare housekey, and I can't do today's task of taking another load of Sol's leftbehind stuff to his storage because, well, it needs a key.

If I was in Dev instead of PS at my employer, I would so be in Hawaii right now.

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