Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle

I'm finally flying home. This flight was supposed to leave at noon, but we sat on the ground for a while waiting for a flight attendant. I slept thru the takeoff. From my POV, every now and than I would glance out the window and see outside of the gate. And then suddenly the view was replaced with a blue hazy horizon, and green farms and brown hills, six miles down. I was actually booked to leave at 6pm, but I got to the airport early, since the car had to be returned at noon. Thus I grabbed an open seat on this earlier flight.

I've been gone for a week and a half. Someone else has been taking care of my elderly cats, my mail and bills have been piling up, my travel expenses are stacking up in my credit card, and there are many wonderful people in Seattle I miss spending time with.

I stayed in SF for a couple of days longer than I really had to, because I was hoping to spend some time with a friend there, but they never answered their email or messages. I'm sure there is a good reason, but it's still disappointing. Still, spending a couple of days with jatg has been fun. Her friend Bryce from Toronto was in town, for a "Sheridon College Grads in California" reunion. Getting to see Pixar was great.

Last night, I hung out at Meerkat Manor, and gave Julian Cash some advice and pointers for his project. They hope to go live in two weeks, running mainly on AWS EC2 systems.

The past two and a half days in the weird city in the bay hasn't been a vacation. I slogged in a good two days of work, plus several hours this morning, on this week's work project. It's meta-test work, basically doing a QA analysis of someone else's QA work, which has to be the one thing worse than doing actual QA. Still, it's important, both to the company, and to one of our partners. When I get done with it, and it gets signed off, there will be a public announcement in the appropriate tech press outlets.

Hopefully, my next piece of travel will be the one in a fortnight, when I fly to Hawaii to spend a week there.
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