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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 38 of 124. Chest and Biceps
Started off doing measurements. According to them, I've been putting on about a pound of lean mass each week for the last two months, and shedding off a pound of fat each week as well. No wonder the scale hasn't been moving much!

Then hit our new array of chest exercises, and managed to get some burn, and then finished off with an array of bicep exercises.

Stronger and stronger, harder and harder, a little bit better each time.

Six months ago, yesterday's paintball game would have wiped me out with soreness the next day.
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jatg From: jatg Date: June 16th, 2003 05:11 pm (UTC) (Link)

Gym doodles.

All your posting about time at the gym makes me think I should send you this link.
Remember John who used to draw Buffalo Wings?
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