Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

the best way to get bought is to not be for sale.

the best way to get bought is to not be for sale. -- Marc Andreessen link

In the previous internet boom, bubble, and crash, when that I knew that reality had been forgotten, was when most all of the startups were very obviously almost exclusively focused from the start on their "exit strategy", when they would take their VC money to buy billboards to advertise for more funding and to give teases about their IPO. "Investing" in the company was the company's only product.

This time around, I'm watching for that very carefully.

When the energy is on the exit, rather than the work, there is no there there, and the smart potential employee, the smart angel, the smart VC, the smart analyst, the smart investor, and the smart tech and biz reporters, will steer clear and report it as such.

This is also true, in my experience and observation, in relationships, and in employment. Being "on the market" lowers your value.

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