Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


So, last night omahas invited me to go play paintball along with elfs and j5nn5r and other friends.

Something I felt I needed were approprate clothes. I had heard enough about the welts that the balls can raise. I didnt want to play in one of my usual short sleeved t-shirts, and I knew that I didn't want to be hugging for cover and running around full tilt wearing my long flappy duster. So I decided I needed a new jacket.

It was, however, Sunday morning. Nothing is open on a Sunday until at least 11, and the meetup time was 11:30a. So I followed the directions to j5nn5r's place (which were for a lovely scenic drive along I90E and then down Hwy 18). I was rather early, so looking at my maps showed me that I was decently close to Southcenter, so I went there, went to Whistle Workwear and bought a Carhartt "Mesh Lined Workshield Vented Jacket" (black, of course). Unfortunatly, doing so made me about a half hour late getting back to meet up. But it was worth it.

I rode with elfs and omahas, two other cars went as well. We soon arrived at Hole In The Wall, and our party of nine checked in, paid, got equiped, safety briefed, and then started to play.

It was fun. Some of the fields were too big for us, and there was an inbalance of skill levels between players that we didn't work out how to smooth over, and some of the games we played failed playtesting, but all in all, a great time was had. I took only a few hard hits, one to my wrist, and the other to my head (and that was an unearned amazing lucky shot) that put a goose-egg right over the site of my chronic headache.

The heavy nylon weave of the jacket just ate up the impact. I could tell when I got hit, but it didnt sting or welt, and the paint and the mud wiped right off. Most of the other people had really painful looking pinpoint welts up and down their bodies. Ouch.

Next time, I will wear my contacts. My glasses got all twisted up in the face mask, and they broke as I was extracting them, along a hinge that had already been heavily stressed in the past. Well, it was time for a new pair anyway.

After we used up all our time, and checked everything back in, we headed back to j5nn5r, where showered were taken, food was eaten, Kouryou-chan and Yamaarashi-chan were played with, and a hot tub was enjoyed.

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