Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Erg, can I even remember it all in order?

Burning it off, a handful at a time.

In the morning I went to my gym and did 60m on the EC. Part of it was an experiment towards a change in the exercise routine, doing the fat burning stuff before breakfast, when the only place the body has to go to to get energy are the fat stores. It was interesting, very quickly my body felt like it was blazing with heat, and I easily sucked down 3l of water in that hour. Which makes sense, lipoconversion is rather exothermic and requires a lot of H2O to run properly. I was also ravenously hungry when I finally had breakfast, but I held out against it and ate just the standard meal.

The experiment so far was a success, other than the annoyance factor of getting up early enough to implement it.

One hour on the EC is about 850 calories, which is about 100g of fat. That's enough to fill a quarter of a soup can. Here's hoping that doing it this way makes it that simple.

Errands. Watches, Presents, and Hair

After doing some chores, I went out to do errands. Went down to Wades to pick up my new membership card, then drove over to CapHill. First stop was Tiempo to get my watch running again. I was hoping that it just needed a new battery, but no such luck. It's such a neat watch that Ms Laine didn't want to give up on it, and neither did I, so I left it in her capable hands to install a new movement. Then a walk down to TiB to get some supplies, as well as a few other places to get birthday presents for two of my sibs, jatg and pheonix_jade. Their birthdays adjoin each other at the end of this month (I'm flying down to Utah for the party.).

And then a walk down Broadway to Scream to bleach one of my cowlicks. It's something I do every now and then, and just decided to do again. (Well, I admit that that I will be seeing much of my family again in a few weeks was part of the motivation). My hair is so naturally dark that the best that the chemical concoction they use just makes it turn light yellow instead of white, but it still works. My hair is now long enough that the effect is noticeable, and I like it. (Even though omahas's reaction was "What did you do to your hair?!")

The Ex

Then I drove over to my ex, jezel, to deliver a birthday present that arrived several months late. Soon after that she had to go out to see her furry clients (she's an in-home cat sitter), and I sat quietly and relaxed rereading Cordilla's Honor with Smudge at my side for awhile.

A party, and the promise of more fun

Then I went to a gathering in Lynnwood that I had been invited to, had a really good time, and stayed there till almost midnight. As I was leaving, I returned a phonecall from omahas, who invited me to go paintballing the next day. Fun!!

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