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Mark Atwood
The Friday Five
1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have? I have a list.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest? Usually. I've gotten better about phrasing, however.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened? Yes. No comment.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why? Most fictional worlds suck rotten eggs when you're a spear carrier.

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted? Again, I have a list.
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jezel From: jezel Date: June 13th, 2003 11:32 am (UTC) (Link)
No offense, but why did you post this? No useful information was gleaned from these questions...
jatg From: jatg Date: June 13th, 2003 11:56 am (UTC) (Link)


I was thinking the exact same thing. Why do the FridayFive if you're not going to answer any of the questions?
daikitsune From: daikitsune Date: June 13th, 2003 03:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
1. I've always wanted to sleep underwater...Or in zero-g. Seems like it would be wonderful.

2. Depends on the situation...If it's someone I like, generally I will be honest.

3. Eh...I'm obsessed with knowing everything there is to know. I've found out some amazingly strange things about people, and it doesn't phase me a bit. So the answer is no.

4. Any fictional world where magic exists and there is more forest than civilization.

5. Hmm...Telepathy. Or shapeshifting. Or on a more realistic scale, piloting a fighter jet.
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