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Christmas with my Family

Sunday. Travel.

Immediately after getting out of bed, I packed. Enough for just a couple of days, and I wore "nicer" slacks and a shirt, because wearing them was easier than packing. Reinflated the tire (I really must get that fixed when I return), and then Bethieee and I went to The Globe for breakfast with Adrianne.

The owner was in a mood, probably because of going out of business. Often the food was pretty good, and it did the whole woo-woo hippy vegan niche well, but... often they were out of stuff on the menu, they took the concept of "slow food" a little too literally, and owner and staff were often rather, unprofessional. So it's not a huge surprise, but I hope something fills the niche.

The ground approach to the airport was pretty backed up. So we "cheated" a bit, and went to Arrivals instead of Departures. Much less backed up, and all I had to do was jump out, and then walk up two flights of escalators. No problem.

SWA is trying something new with their boarding process, with numbers, instead of just ABC groups. I don't think it's very effective, it didn't board the plane any faster, and the ground crew had to keep explaining it.

The flight was uneventful. I fell asleep before takeoff, and woke up just before landing. My pickup was my brother pheonix_jade, on Holiday leave from the Army, with his lovely wife hearts_treasure riding shotgun, and my sister jatg and her gf clymerchick riding in the back seat.

My parents' home smelled of baking bread. Rocking back and forth in the kitchen there were 3 breadmachines, churning out the loaves. My parents give a loaf of bread to each of their neighbors each year.

That evening, we went to my mom's sister's home, to swap presents and socialize. Had a geeky conversation with my cousin Galen. He's an admin for the A/V network that links up all the Utah schools. It used to be this complex telco-like A/V distribution system, but now it's all just IP everywhere. MPEG4 over IP, SIP over IP, and just regular IP. Mostly they own their network all the way down to the metal, with leased dark fiber and, where necessary, their own microwave links. They use a lot of MySQL, so we swapped business cards.

That night, I stayed up way too late chatting with people back home.

Monday. Christmas Eve Day.

The annual drive down to Springfield for Christmas Eve with my nieces and nephews got canceled, as the kids had bad chickenpox and my sister wyckhurst just had run out of time to get ready, what with sick kids and an exploding business (The Good Mama, go shop there today!).

And it's just as well, because that afternoon it started snowing and blowing. Not the hardest I've seen, but still, not to drive in if it can be avoided. Over the day, my dad&mom, and Lma&Annette, and Jett&Lis dashed in and out on shopping errands, racing the snowfall.

We all sat down for a lovely filling turkey dinner. My brother Brent joined us as well, having fought the roads and the lack of snowplows down from Ogden.

We all watched the new Futurama movie, and it was surprisingly good.

I stayed up late into the night, hacking, and cursing at the MySQL build process and the documentation.

Tuesday. Christmas Day.

After breakfast, we all sat down and exchanged presents. I got toe socks, a bag of forest camo pattern hershey kisses, a warm red scarf made out of a very soft lofted microfiber called "minky", a Borders gift card, and a card from my parents with some dead presidents.

Other cool presents: My dad got from Lma a tie made from digital camo material. (He collects and wears ties that evoke his kids, kids-in-law, and things and places that are important to him.) He also got a great quilt from my mom. Lis got from Lma a pair of digital camo combat uniform pants, in the smallest shortest size the Army provisions. They fit perfectly, and will be great climbing pants. Jett got for them a huge sheepskin rug. It's Very Nice. Jett gave necklaces to my mom and to Annette, that are tough enough to be around kids. (My mom volunteers in the church nursery, and Annette works at a daycare.)

And the day isn't over yet...
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