Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


I got up at way too early, packed my bag, vacated my hotel room, printed my boarding pass (as always, finding a printer was a PITA), and took at taxi from the hotel to the DFW airport. The flight from DFW to SEA was almost empty, but still uncomfortable. AA's seat pitch is about 1/2 inch shorter then the length of my upper legs. Then a taxi ride from SEA to home. (This is what expense accounts are for.)

My cats had not left too much of a mess for me to deal with.

I met up my friend adrienne_r, and went to the Cirque Du Noc Dealer Bazaar. It was much fun, the selection and quality of stuff was better than years past. She and I did much in the way of teasing and quirked eyebrows and playing with some of the stuff, much fun was had. She almost bought an amazingly affordable leather corset, but the fit and style was not quite right, and that's one of those things that really must be perfect.

Back to the house, I did some more paperwork and some hacking, and then went to the MySQL holiday party, along with krow, ein_traum, and David Axmark, who was in town.

The party was at a restaurant / cooking school on the east coast of Lake Union. What this meant was that we all as a group had to cook our own restaurant meal, under the supervision of a trio of chefs. Despite my initial hesitation, I had a lot of fun, volunteering a bit more often than most of the others, and so got to do some fun stuff.

The meal itself was pretty good.

I had planned to go to the last half of the Cirque Du Noc Ball, which ran until 2am, , and had volunteered to help with cleanup after, but by 10p I was getting really really wiped out. So I sent out my apologies, and then crashed into a fitful sleep.
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