Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Yesterday and Today

Friday, Yesterday

Was going to go to a local 24HourFitness, but instead ended up going to Mission Cliffs, where clymerchick climbs. Did a couple of "easy" climbs, 5.4 and 5.5. That was hard work, and fun. jatg shot video. As soon as we can get it off her camera, I'll put it up on youtube. I think I may have found the exercise for my shoulders and upper back.

We then went out for lunch at a local vegan raw foods "fruits nuts and flakes" place called "Cafe Gratitute". It was surprisingly good.

We did some other wandering around and shopping, and then ended up at Mitchel's Ice Cream, apparently a SF local favorite. It was really yummy.

Saturday, Today.

Did the two hour drive back down to Monterrey, met up with wurtmann, pheonix_jade, and hearts_treasure. The 6 of us hit the award winning Monterrey Aquarium. It was really fun, really interesting, eventually sensory-overwhelming.

We dinked around some after that, and ended up shopping together at Macy's, which really surprisingly, turned out to be a lot of fun. Nearly everyone got something neat and/or pretty.

Sunday, Tomorrow.

I need to figure out how to catch the southbound CalTrain out of SF...
Tags: aquarium, climbing, life, sanfrancisco, shopping

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