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For this international flight, I didn't give myself enough time, stepping thru the doors at SEA only 50 minutes before departure. Fortunately, the line at the counter was short, and the line at the TSA useless security theater was likewise very short.

If one has a T-Mobile cellphone account, that gets access to T-Mobile hotspots. Why can't AT&T be as accommodating? Or at the very least, have a straightforward way to charge access against one's cellphone. One could run ident/auth via a SMS, or looking at the SIM number, or something similar.

The EDGE/EVDO device that MySQL ordered for me doesnt fit this laptop (PCCard vs PCExpress), and won't even fit my new laptop, (MacBooks dont have card slots at all). So either IT will have to swap it for a USB device, take it back entirely, or let me handoff it to someone in the company with a MacBook Pro.

In theory, the Treo's USB cable will give the laptop internet access. In practice, there seems to be a bug in the current FC7 and FC8 in handling the Treo, no connection, no sync. Annoying on so many levels, and spending a few hours trying to make it work is really what decided me to get off desktop linux for my work computing environment for the time being.

I don't actually have that new company laptop yet, so I'm going to be doing this business trip out of amsu. Which has an old battery, and needs a memory upgrade. I need to decide whether to spend money upgrading it. There is a lot of value in integrating to one environment, and also a lot of value in keeping a completely "my" computer.

My preferred airlines are Alaska and SouthWest. Yet the agency, for this and the next two trips, has well, has booked me on AA. I last flew AA about 10 years ago, and I hated it. The seat pitch was such that I literally could not put my knees in front of me and my feet on the floor, and the cushion was old hard and flat.

They seem to have gotten better since then, but not very much so. There isn't room for my backpack under the seat in front of me, and I'm painfully wedged in trying to keep an angle where I can type and see my screen. And the overhead light is burned out, so no bookreading.
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