Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Responding to a "My MySQL wishlist".

I just saw dveeden's post in PlanetMySQL.

He writes: 3. Database locator. So you've got hundreds of servers … and a multitude of databases. How to connect to the right server to reach the database you needed? Something like oracle TNS would be helpful here. What about implementing TNS for MySQL or just using DNS? How do you solve this?

krow has written a plugin that announces a MySQL server via Apple's BonJour zeroconf protocol. Extending it to announce databases in the server might be doable …

Also, I'm (slowly) working on a SNMP AgentX plugin for MySQL server. With that, one can autodiscover MySQL servers and databases via Nagios, OpenView, etc.

4. Saving extra metadata about the database. A common way to store stuff like customerid, data classification, service classification (development, production, etc) would be helpful. Many people are already storing this info but there is no way MySQL Administrator, phpMyAdmin or other tools can use it.

That's a great idea! I'm adding it right now to the desired feature set for my AgentX project, and I'm going to bend krow's ear about it.
Tags: geek, mysql

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