Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Responding to Dvorak on the gPhone. Summary: he's an idiot

John Dvorak is an idiot. Old and privilaged and cantankerous, but still doubly an idiot.

The very use case that he ridicules, using a smartphone/PDA to look up location, hours, directions, etc of a restaurant, instead of actaully calling up the restaurant, is one that I see "normal" people, not just geeks, do all the time.

People don't want to wait on hold, nav a voicemail tree, or even talk to a rushed overworked human. They want to glance at the knowledge they want, and have it right at that moment.

And that's what ubiquitous `net, currently via usable phone-based browsers, gets you, that realtime telephony, POTS or cell, doesn't.
Tags: bigname, gphone, smartphone, stupid
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